Totally thought out summaries for about 10 chapters (it will have about 15 or 16) for this fic.

I plan on writing the first three by the end of this week. I’ll probably post them a couple of days apart to build the suspense. ;)

Now, if there is anyone out there who is remotely good at drawing, I would LOVE for people to send in Joniss (or any HG based thing, really) drawings for this blog!

I can’t even draw stick people right so I don’t even try. I’ll stick to writing =]

I wonder if THG fandom is ready for Joniss.

After some consulting with my wife (a very successful fic writer over the past few years), I have a new concept for a fanfic.

I’m not scrapping the one I was planning on posting, I will use it as a base.

But plan on the first chapter of at least a few within the next week.

For all of you who already ship Joniss, I appreciate your patience so dearly. Not many people write about this ship, so I want to make this really special. 

Okay all of these new followers (hi guys you’re amazing) and all of the Joniss commotion is finally motivating me to get this fic finished.

I’m finally typing it into the computer from my journal =D

Maybe I’ll post it either tonight or in the morning.

If you haven’t read my first Joniss fic, you should check it out. (Sleep Tight, Johanna. Rating: M)